How to update HEAT License Manager to a new version?

Version 1


    This article describes the update to a new version for HEAT License Manager.

    NOTE:  The installation and upgrade of HEAT License Manager is outside the scope of HEAT Software technical support.  We strongly recommend working with HEAT Software Professional Services or your HEAT License Manager installation partner for assistance through all installations and upgrades.  HEAT Software Professional Services can be reached at [email protected].




    The HEAT License Manager Update contains the following four steps
    1. HEAT License Manager Setup
    2. HEAT Software Catalog Setup
    3. HEAT Recognition Setup
    4. HEAT Data Collector Setup
    The setups must be performed in this order:

    1. Execute the HEAT License Manager Setup as Administrator.
    2. Execute the HEAT Software Catalog Setup as Administrator.
    3. Execute the HEAT Recognition Setup as Administrator.
    4. Execute the HEAT Data Collector as Administrator.
    NOTE: The Upgrade of the EDC (External Data Collector) needs evetually to be executed on a different server.

    After the installation has been finished, you can check if the new version has been installed successfully:

    1. Start HEAT License Manager
    2. Select "Info" in the top right corner