Operations Console Copy and Replace Push from Production to Staging blocked on port 445

Version 1


    When we perform a "Copy and Replace" push in the Operations Console having two different Database Servers we need a firewall rule for port TCP 445 (SMB).

    This article explains the "Copy and Replace" push process and why we need that firewall rule.


    The "Copy and Replace"  push from Production to Staging, supposing that the database servers are different, would work in the following way:

    1.- The Operations Console server requests to the Production Database Server to create a a backup of the database
    2.- The Operations Console server copies that backup to the Staging Database Server, accessing the UNC share path in the source and in the destination through SMB (port 445) or NETBIOS.
    3.- The Operations Console server requests to the Staging Database Server to restore that backup in the place of the Staging Database
    4.- The Operations Console server "fixes" the restored database and performs any other selected option in the push.