"You do not have Security Access to this option" - user receives a message when clicking on the Options button in the Contact Search Center stating that they do not have access to this option.

Version 1



    - When a user clicks the 'Options' button in the Contact Search Center they receive the following message:
    "You do not have Security Access to this option"

    - How can the user options be changed so that they can access the options button in the Contact Search Center?




    1 - Have the user log out of GoldMine during this change.
    2 - Login to GoldMine as a user with MASTER rights.
    3 - Click Tools >> Users' Settings >> Highlight desired user >> Properties >> Menu tab.
    4 - Expand the "Tools" node on the Menu tab.

    5 - Click the red pushpin for "Options" to make it a green pushpin.

    6 - Click OK >> Close
    7 - Login as the user and test the result.

    NOTE: This will also provide access to Options in the GoldMine Task-bar and the options under the Tools menu in GoldMine for the user.  This will allow the user to change other options and is not related to just the Contact Search Center options.