How to send Notifications where the timezones are consistently displayed

Version 1


    In the article 14814 we described a way to configure to format the dates in a notification that could work in Quick Actions, Workflows or Business Rules showing the same result including the TimeZone. However, this was a probably too complex and we needed to modify the daylight function two times a year.

    Since HEAT SM 2015.1 there is a simpler option.


    Since HEAT SM 2015.1, the FormatDate function allows to specify the timezone.

    For example:

    $(FormatDate(CreatedDateTime,  "dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm tt",  "America/Panama"))

    If  CreatedDateTime is 15/7/2015 4:01 PM (UTC), the above expression will  always result in "15/7/2015 11:01 AM" (UTC-5), whatever context it is  run in.

    If we don't specify a TimeZone, the expression evaluator  uses the client-context TimeZone. For workflows there is no client-context,  so UTC is assumed.

    Therefore, specifying the TimeZone in all the cases should solve the problem.