My Item saved search for new Employees is not defaulting to 'All'

Version 1


    Example scenario: 

    I am trying to change the default Search for the "Search My Items" search in the My Items object. It is currently defaulting to  the "All Open Incidents" search instead of All. I tried setting all to be the default for the Self Service role but it still defaults to all open incidents. Is there a way to specify the default saved search for the My Items object, specifically the Search at the top of the Self Service Home screen. The only way I have been able to make this happen is to delete the search "All open Incidents" that the client had made, now the search defaults to all, but what if the client wanted the search to default to something other than all or if they still want to keep the "All open incidents" search.




    Currently it appears that the application can get mixed up when one saved search name is part of another saved search, for example “Incident” and “Incident Of My Teams”. Due to a fuzzy search, even if the default search is “Incident”, the program could select item “Incident Of My Team” because this item contains the word “Incident”.

    The actual issue will be fixed as part of 2015.2.1.

    The workaround for this issue is to change all the other saved searches’ names that start with “All”. For example, put underscores in front of the other searches starting with 'All' (Don't put an underscore in front of the search simply named 'All', leave it as is) so the application will only find one search that starts with 'All'.