When a group Approval has been approved, the Approve and Deny buttons are still active but inoperative

Version 1


    In a group approval if someone in the group approves the request, it appears that the rest of the people in the group can still approve or deny the request. Even when set so the first approval processes the request, other users in the group still have active deny or approve buttons in Self Service even though the workflow has progressed past this approval point. However, any subsequent approval or denial attempts don't actually do anything, which may be confusing for users


    Here is a configuration solution to the issue:

    1a. Log into the Admin Role
    1b. Select Configure Application
    1c. Select Business Objects
    1d. Select FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking
    1e. Select Fields
    1f.  Select Status
    1g. In the Validation section, click the Values link next to the pick list
    1h. Click Add
    1i.  Set Vote Status to Expired
    1j.  Leave Sort Order blank
    1k. Set Progress Bar Position to 10
    1l.  Save

    2a. Select Automation Tools -> Quick Actions
    2b. Click Add/Edit next to FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking
    2c. Create a new Update Object action
    2d. Update the Status field to Expired

    3a. In the Admin UI, select Business Objects, then  FRS_Approval
    3b. Select Business Rules
    3c. Expand Triggered Actions and select Add Trigger
    3d. Check the Field Event boxes for On Initialize and On Update
    3e. Select Status for the field
    3f.  Check 'Is Set To' and choose Approved
    3g. Click Next, and Select a new Run for Child action
    3h. Select the relationship between FRS_Approval and FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking
    3i.  Select the Action created in part 2
    3j.  Set the Child Object Filter to Status = Pending
    3k. Save

    4. Create another business rule, similar to step 3, but fire on the change of the Status field to Denied. (in step f)

    This should now Expire any remaining approval vote records.
    Please note that you will also need to add the Expired Status to the My Items Status (see KB article 16088)
    See KB article 13959 for more uses for the Expired approval status