How to change default Date parameters in Reports

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    We found a little issue with reporting parameters for the Incident Trend by ServiceDesk report. Just wanting to see if we can get this changed, this is not an issue effecting the performance of the report.

    1.       When you first open the report it starts with a date from last year, is there a way we can get this to open with the correct date without having to cycle through the months and years?

    2.       After you have selected the correct date for the report and press the view data button, it sets the 'Enter End Date' to 1/1/1970. Is there a way we can get it to retain the date from the previous search. This bit is just a little inconvenient when trying to run another report it takes a while to cycle to the correct dates. I know the date can be manually typed, but it would be nice to use the UI as it was intended.



    You can update the default date for the report by clicking on the "Edit" Pencil from the Report work space and updating the parameter to the current date - you may have to do so occasionally since it's not dynamic and will stay at the last date entered. This solves both issues noted above.