Ambiguous column name error when using the Contact search center

Version 1


    You may receive an 'Ambiguous column name' error when using the Contact Search Center


    This is related to RM # 209604 - If a field contains a ' (single quote) or double ('') in the label >> subsequent fields cannot be selected anymore in Column Selection of Contact Search Center and GoldMine crashes when field is selected


    To resolve the error you must rename the P'Code field and remove the apostrophe

    1. Log into GoldMine as a MASTER user
    2. Right Mouse click on the field labeled P'Code
    Click Properties
    4. Click More Options
    5. Change the Local and Global labels to a value that does not have an apostrophe (for Example Postal or PCode)

    6. Click OK to save the change
    7. Click OK to exit the Field properties
    8. Test

    The same would apply to any other field where the label contains a ' (apostrophe)