Print Incident displays linked email with HTML Code[Uploaded File]

Version 1


    Print Incident is displaying the linked emais with HTML code. Customer modified the Email Config to  "Store Journal Email as" HTML but the Email Body on the Journal.Email business object is still Unicode and when editing the HTML Editor on the field for the form, it switches the control properties to 21 and HTML Editor/Viewer is no longer an option.



    Enabling HTML Rendering in HEAT Report

    1.Select the field in the report from Report Designer or form BIDS
    2. In the Properties window Select MarkupType
    3. Paste  the following function 
    Make sure to put the correct field name.

    4. Equivalent rdl change is the following. You don't need to edit and change the rdl if you make the change in Report Manager. If you directly want to change the rdl file, change will look like below
              <value>=First(Fields!Symptom.Value, "IncidentMain")</value>
                 <markuptype>=iif(Code.checkhtml(First(Fields!Symptom.Value, "IncidentMain"))=true,"HTML","None")</markuptype>