The Contact record couldn't be opened.  Please inform your GoldMine Administrator.  Opening this record in GoldMine Premium Edition may resolve the Issue.

Version 1



    - 40,000 contacts imported into a new GoldMine database.
    - List of contacts display in GM Web.

    - Clicking on one produces the following error:

    - Exit GM Web.
    - List of contacts display in GMME, but clicking on one does nothing.  No contact information, and no error message.

    - Exit GMME.
    - Open GMPE, and open the contact you tried to view in GM Web and GMME.

    - Exit GMPE.
    - Log into GM Web.  Now able to view that one contact.

    - Exit GM Web.
    - Log into GMME.  Now able to view that one contact.

    - Exit GMME.
    - Very impractical opening 40,000 contacts one at a time in GMPE in order to get the imported contacts to display in GM Web and GMME.



    Whatever was used to import the contacts, created a Contact1 record, but no Contact2 record.

    1.  Open GMPE, and go to Tools>>Data Management>>Global Replace
    2.  Click Next
    3.  Pull-down on "Replace Field:", and select a Contact2 field.  ex. Userdef16
    4.  Leave "With Value:"  blank, and click Next.
    5.  Warning displays, click Yes
    6.  Click Next
    7.  Click Next
    8.  Click Finish

    A Contact2 record is created for each Contact1 record, and all contact information will now display properly in GM Web and GMME.