How to configure outbound SMTP email to use no authentication

Version 1


    Our email server does not use Authentication, but by default you cannot set Authentication in the outgoing SMTP configuration in HEAT to 'None', and a username and password are required.



    Step one is to ensure that all of the IP addresses for your Heat appserver have been whitelisted, and added to any spam and security rules as necessary. 

    You can then make the following configuration in HEAT:

    In AdminUI->Business Objects->TenantEmailConfiguration;

    Select Fields->MT Authentication
    In the Validation section, click Values
    Click Add
    Set Email Protocol to ‘SMTP’ and Authentication to ‘None’
    Save and Close
    Select Business Rules
    Disable the required rules for MTUsername and MTPassword.

    In the Email Config workspace, you can now leave both the username and password empty, and select ‘None’ for Authentication.