Error in System Configuration Wizard (SCW) when upgrading to 2016.1.1: Fail to Upgrade Discovery database

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    When the System Configuration Wizard (SCW) is running after installing the 2016.1.1 release a message box with a SQL Error is displayed when clicking on the Next>> push-button at the HEAT Discovery Application Server configuration page.

    This article has a work-around solution for this issue.




    Development have found that there is an issue with the name of the database that is used for Heat Discovery when an upgrade is performed.  From the 2016.1.1 release the name of the database has been changed to "HEATDiscoveryConfig".  The old name (IMReadOnly) is causing the SQL Error message to be displayed.  The work-around solution provided by development is to rename the database from "IMReadOnly" to "HEATDiscoveryConfig" in SQL Management Studio before running the System Configuration Wizard (SCW).

    This is the information from development:

    1.       Open SQL Server Manager, rename the database IMReadOnly to HEATDiscoveryConfig
    2.       Upgrade to 2016.1.1
    3.       Launch SCW, go to "HEAT Discovery Application Server Configuration" step
    4.       Input new discovery database name and click "Test Connection"
    5.       Click "Next"