Can you still create a relationship using the _valid secondary field of a validated field to link to the validation object?

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    When building a relationship on an object you used to be able to use the _valid version of a validated field, and link this to the recid of the other object - this meant that any existing validation list would automatically link existing records to the other object.

    This doesn't appear to be the case any more, as the _valid fields are no longer visible. Is this in any way possible? It was a great way of creating links.



    This is just a change to the way the fields are displayed. It is still possible to use a validated field to create a relationship to the validation object, by just using the field itself rather than the field_valid. For example, you can create a new relationship between Incident and Category, with Incident.Category on one side and Category.RecID on the other, and you will be able to push data between the objects without issue. In the list of relationships, the link field shows up as Category_valid, even though it is shown as Category if you click into it. You'll see the same behavior in the OOTB relationships IncidentAssociatesService and IncidentOwnerEmployee, for reference.