Printing Dashboards is not possible within GoldMine

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    Printing Dashboards is not possible within GoldMine


    While it seems not to be possible to print a complete dashboard straight at once the primary goal was always to print the graphs, so can you please check if this works for you and if this would be sufficient for your customer too?


    1. Go To >> Dashboards
    2. Open any Dashboard
    3. In the graphical area >> Right Click >> activate Toolbar


    4.  Now as the Toolbar is activated you should see a Print Button or a Copy  and Paste button which allows to save the graph as a Bitmap, Metafile  or text (Data Only) - the last one is really cool as it provides in  addition the components data




    January                345


    February              300


    March   491


    April       437


    May       92


    June      54


    July        5209


    August  8


    September         9


    October               9


    November          5


    December           6