How to set rollup child records (Emails, Attachments, etc). visible by default

Version 1


    After configuring a child object rollup in a layout, for example to display Attachments in Emails in the parent Incident, each user must enable the rollup view for themselves, if it is not set as a default in the application configuration.


    To set Attachment rollups for Incident to display by default do the following:

    1. Log into the Admin role
    2. Select Configure Application
    3. Select Business Objects
    4. Select Incident
    5. Select Layouts
    6. Select the Layout (eg. IncidentLayout.Servicedesk)
    7. Click on the Attachment object in the child panels
    8. Click on the Email Attachments link
    9. Check the 'Show rollup records by default' box
    10. Save
    11. Repeat for the Task links if displaying Attachments from Task is desired
    12. Save
    13. Repeat for other Layouts if desired