Error: "Transaction Process ID x is deadlocked by another transaction" What does this mean?

Version 3

    Environment: SQL Server


    This error is seen when two or more people are running a transaction against the database which is trying to access exactly the same data.  There are parts of the system (such as query results) which could be retrieving quite large amounts of data from your database.  By default our system is set to place a lock on the table that it is extracting from and if other people are accessing this data at the same moment then this can result in one of the users seeing the above message then having to run the same transaction (the query for example) again.  For a more detailed explanation of deadlocks please see the Microsoft knowledge areas.


    If you have only seen this issue once, or there is an extremely rare occurrence, then it isn’t something to worry about.  However, if it is being seen on a fairly frequent basis it could be a sign that your database is in need of some optimization to make the extraction of data faster.  Please contact your database administrator or Landesk support for further advice.


    NOTE: There is the possibility of changing the system to use a NO LOCK statement on version 7.2.5 and over, but this has other effects on system performance so it is something that we would advise speaking to support about first.


    Please see following article for more information: