How to use the "stop current message processing" checkbox in HMC

Version 1


    What is the best practice suggestions for using the 'stop current message proccessing' checkbox?



    Messages by default will be examined by all Filters and if the message meets the Filter criteria it will get processed by that Action. To eliminate duplication of action efforts:

    1. The Filters need to be setup very specific so there is no overlap in Filter criteria. This is the best option based on the NOTE below.

    2. For each action the option labeled "Stop Current Message Processing" should be checked. This option when selected will stop any further processing on a message after it has been successfully acted upon by the action that is configured for the "Stop Current Message Processing" option.

    NOTE: Caution on the use of the "Stop Current Message Processing" option should be considered based on which Filter may or may not pick up the email first and process it. If there are two Filters that overlap, the first Filter may not be the Filter you wish to process the email. If consideration of this possibility is not accounted for and the "Stop Current Message Processing" option is enabled, the desired Filter may never process the email because it has already been processed by a previous Filter/Action.