Unhandled system exception error - opening Change from Enterprise app CI

Version 1



    Getting unhandled system exception error when trying to open Change from Enterprise app CI.

    These are the steps:

    1.  Login as User Role Change Manager.

    2.  Select the Change workspace.

    3.  Search for change 100547.

    4.  Open the CI tab.

    CI is Enterprise Application - IFAS

    5.  Select Go TO to open the enterprise application.

    There are 7 Changes associated with this enterprise app

    6.  Attempt to open one the Changes and get the error.




    1.  Login as Administrator role and go to Configure Application.
    2.  Select Business Objects>> EnterpiseApplication and go to the Layout named CI:EnterpriseApplication.
    3.  Under the "Views in this layout" section select formView.
    4.  Under "Child Panels", locate the Change object and click on "Change" from the "Form(s)" column.

    5.  Change the "Use This Form" from "Change" to some other value like "ChangeDetails" and save.

    6.  Refresh the application and test.