What is the difference between the "Creation Date" attribute and the "Raise Date" attribute?

Version 4

    Raise Date is subtly different to Create Date and can be used for retrospectively logged Incidents\Problems\Changes.


    For example, a field engineer may be verbally notified by an end user of an issue that they are experiencing, but the support engineer is not physically able to log the incident into the system at that point in time - they may be away from desk\have no internet access etc


    The engineer can subsequently log an incident retrospectively to ensure that the issue is formally logged. In this instance, the Create Date will show the date the call was raised in the system but the Raise Date can be set to show the date that the issue was actually raised by the End user to the engineer (some time in the past).



    Note: Unless you set a specific value for the Raise Date, the persistence type will ensure it is marked with the current date at the time the record is saved in the system.

    So basically, if you do not add the Raise Date attribute on to the window this will show the time the Incident was Saved. If you have this attribute on the window, it will show the same time as the Creation attribute.






    Questions and answers:



    1. Is the creation date populated when the Incident shortcut is invoked?

    The Creation date is populated when the Incident window is originally opened so yes, when the shortcut is invoked.



    2. Is the raise date populated when the Incident is saved?

    This depends on if the attribute is on the window or not. If the Raise date is added on to the window then no, this will instead take the same time as the Creation Date unless manually changed when logging the Incident. If the Raise date is NOT added on to the window, then yes, this will populate when the Incident is saved.




    3. It is my understanding that it is the creation date which is used by ITBM in setting the breached flag - is this correct?

    Yes this is correct, you can unfortunately not set the SLA to count towards the Raised Date attribute. This is however a suggestion we have at the moment.