How to convert Reports created in SQL/BIDS to use local time zone instead of UTC

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    I have been querying in report and noticed that it's using UTC in the datetime field.

    This makes my report inaccurate when I have to query using timestamp. Even though I am trying to convert the timestamp manually using combination of dateadd and datediff, I am still getting the UTC date.

    It only works if I convert the timestamp using a fixed number in the dateadd but this means it only works for one timezone.

    Is there some config in the report that can convert timestamp from UTC (whatever the query gives) to local time automatically?




    You can use the function $(CurrentBrowserTimezoneOffset()) as a Parameter to adjust the other datetime parameters to your local timezone. It is present in most of the out of the box reports - for example the @en_datein parameter used for many datasets uses the code: