Can only specific users be enabled to modify specific field(s) in the CallLog table?

Version 1


    There is no method to enable only specific users to modify a field in CallLog table (or any table). However, you can configure specific users with the ability to edit certain read only fields based upon a HEAT Team through an Autotask. This article provides steps on how to accomplish this task.



    Customer can set the a specific CallLog field to read only in Administrator module then create a Team of specific users that can run an Autotask that will update just that CallLog field. 

    1. Set the specific field in the CallLog table to Read only. This can be accomplished in Administrator Module > New Edit Set > select CallLog table > Open Table (button) > select specific field > enable (check) field attribute "Read only" > Commit edit set

    2.  In Administrator Module > Security > Teams, add specific users to Team (that will be allowed to edit the field via an Autotask).

    3. In Call Logging > Autotasks > Manage Autotasks, select the Team (radio button) > Select specific Team to run AutoTask. Then "Add" Autotask and select the "Update Call" action.

    4. In the Update Call action, you will select the specific field and "Insert" the @Prompt( ) function. This will prompt the user (on the specific Team) to update the field with some value.