How can I use more than one dictionary file with GoldMine at the same time?

Version 1


    In certain situations you may need to use more than one dictionary file at the same time to spell check email.  An example of this would be to use the American Medical (sscema) with the American English dictionary (ssceam).  It is not possible to select two such dictionaries within GoldMine.  However you can edit the the user's configuration file to accomplish this request.


    1) In the \GoldMine\Speller\<username> folder, locate the <username>.ini file 
    2) Open the file using Windows Notepad, or some other text file editor.

    3) Update the MainLexFiles entry to include both dictionaries
    For example:

    Where sscema files are the American Medical dictionary.
    Where ssceam files are the American English dictionary.

    This solution is provided as a workaround, and may not work for all deployments of GoldMine so is provided "AS IS" only with no support.

    Related to RM #114247