Can I stop the Edit Set process without altering the HEAT Database?

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    Can the Edit Set commit process be stopped without affecting the HEAT database?





    It is not possible to stop the Edit Set process and not affect the structure and/or data of the tables in the HEAT database. The Edit Set commit process will do the following to the base HEAT system tables and all tables altered in the Edit Set during the commit process:

    1. Exports table data.

    2. Drops the table.

    3. Re-builds the table based on Edit Set parameters.

    4. Re-imports table data.

    If the Edit Set commit process is terminated, it is possible that the HEAT database could be missing an entire table or all the data for that table based on where in the above 4 step process the commit was at the time of termination.

    If for any reason the Edit Set commit process fails or needs to be terminated, the database needs to be restored to a point in time prior to the beginning of the commit process in order to ensure database structure and data integrity. The database should not be used after the commit was terminated or failed if it has not been restored.