How to link Roles to Employees via an import (HEAT Premise Management versions 2014.1.2 and earlier)

Version 1


    The “Business Object Uploader” has been phased out (note that the executable is no longer offered, nor is support provided).  As a result, customers may require an additional means to perform uploads to link roles to employees.

    Although discussed in the newest upload feature documentation, the “*Role*” column type was not available in import connections before 2014.2.

    It is mentioned in "Business Object Uploader" help content, but as noted before, that is being phased out, and officially deprecated in 2014.2.

    The "Data Import Configuration" portion of the new documentation (currently online)
     does include the *Role* ability for 2014.2.



    An alternate means to perform this linking is to build a mechanism in HEAT that will take an imported value and enact the linking following the import. To do this, make a field called “NextRoleToLink” on Employee:

     Now, create a business rule on Employee to perform the linking:




    To demonstrate the final piece, here is an example Excel file:

    Now go to Configure Application > Integration Tools > Data Import Connections, and “Add New”.

    Configure it to use your file:

    Start your mapping:


    And finalize your mapping:


    Before running the import, here is the example employee:

    Click “Publish and Run Now” on your import connection. Immediately following the import completing, here is the employee: