How to set a default search for a workspace (top level tab)

Version 1


    The result set that is displayed in the grid can be controlled using a default saved search, when creating or using a top level tab.   For example, after creating a new top level tab for a business object, go to the tab and you will note that all records are displayed.  To filter (or limit) the records displayed, you can use a saved search as a default when the tab is opened.   


    Set a saved search as the default search for the role.   Each role can have a different saved search.  1) Log into HEAT as administrator (or a role that can edit saved searches). 2) Go to the workspace and choose the saved searches option. 3) In the saved searches go to the search you wish to use as the search when the tab is chosen 4) Edit the seach 5) In the default for roles, add the roles that this search should be the default for.