New Service Request notification is sent even if request is just saved to Draft status.

Version 1


    A large number of Cloud systems were created before there was a Draft status for Service Requests. So the default functionality is a little different now. With the addition of a business rule, a change to a quick action, and to a workflow, older systems experiencing this behavior can be updated to handle the new Draft status.


    The following configuration addresses the issue:

    1. Go to the Service Request workspace
    2. Select Action menu -> Edit Actions
    3. Expand 'No Category'
    4. Highlight 'New Service request Received'
    5. Select 'Add Another Action' (button in the top middle)
    6. Choose 'Update Object'
    7. The field to update is 'IsNewRequestNotificationSent'
    8. The value should be True
    9. Save the Quick Action
    10. Go to the Admin UI
    11. Select Business Objects
    12. Select Service Request
    13. Select Workflow
    14. Select New Service Request Received
    15. Edit the active version
    16. Select Configuration
    17. Check Updated as well as Created
    18. Add a criteria line for Status Not Equal to Draft
    19. Add a criteria line for IsNewRequestNotification equal to False
    20. Save the Trigger configuration
    21. Save and publish the workflow
    22. Select Configure Application
    23. Select Business Objects
    24. Select Service Request
    25. Select Business Rules
    26. Click Add Initialization Rule
    27. For Field, select IsNewRequestNotificationSent
    28. For Value, enter False
    29. Save