How to embed an image in a Global Constant for use in email templates and signatures

Version 1


    Although HEAT Cloud does not provide image hosting functionality, it is possible to create a Global Constant that contains a commonly used logo or image, which can then be referenced in notifications and email templates.



    As a first step you have to Copy the desired image to your computer's clipboard. You will need to convert the image to base64 format, which is an image format in text for HTML purposes. This requires a short workaround process:
    1. Log into HEAT Cloud.
    2. Open the Incident workspace and open an Incident.
    3. You need to paste the image into a HTML control, so create a new email from the Activity History tab.
    4. Paste the image into the Message field.
    5. Click the Source View icon on the HTML control toolbar.
    6. Select and copy the Base64 converted value (which should look like this:).
    7. Once you have copied the converted value, you can cancel the email record.
    8. Select Configure Application.
    9. Select Global Constants.
    10. Create a new entry and provide it a title (in this example I copied the FrontRange logo and called it FRLogo).
    11. Paste the image code you have copied to your clipboard into the VALUE field of a text based global constant.
    12. You can then refer to the global constant in your emails, and the image will appear.