How to change an undocked user's machine from one user to a different user?

Version 2


    We want to re-assign an undocked machine from one user to another user; how do we do this?


    NOTE: The steps below are only if the new user who is taking ownership of the undocked machine has the same territory as the old user.  If the new user has a different territory you will have to uninstall GM and delete the db from the undocked machine then re-install GM on the undocked machine as a new user completely.  The steps below are a high level overview and some items may require referencing the GoldMine Premium Edition Administrator or Install Guide.  For example if it is not known how to in step  "A - Create a user in GoldMine for the new employee"  there are instructions on how to do this in the documentation.


    A- Create a user in GoldMine for the new employee.


    B - Take the undocked license back from the former employee.

    1 - Login to GoldMine as a Master user.

    2 - Click Tools >> Configure >> License manager.

    3 - Under the licenses, highlight the former employee >> Click Remove license >> Click yes when prompted if you want to remove their sync site also.


    C - Give the new user an undocked license.

    1 - Click "Undock users" .

    2 - Find the new user you created >> Check the box to undock them >> Click Create Undocked License >> Click "I agree" >> Close the license screen >> OK >> Close.


    D - Create the Synchronization profile for the new user.

    1- When prompted for "Do you wish to setup GoldSync for the undocked user(s)?" click Yes.

    2 - When new site member screen appears click OK.

    3 - Configure the new users undocked profile and set cutoff to before the last sync session of the previous user.

    4 - When prompted to create One Button Sync profile select "Yes".

    5 - Create the One Button Sync Profile. 


    E - Relicense the undocked machine:


    1 - Login to GoldMine as a master user.

    2 - Click Tools >> Configure >> License Manager.

    3 - Highlight New Employee's user line in the license manager.

    4 - Click the View License button >> I AGREE.

    5 - Copy the license number to your clipboard and save to a .txt file.

    6 - Move the .txt file to the undocked machine however you wish (email or via remote session).


    1 - Navigate to the GoldMine folder on the old user's machine.

    2 - Find the file called licensegm*.bin.

    3 - Rename the licensegm*.bin file to licensegmOLD.bin.

    4 - Launch GoldMine.

    5 - Paste the license number into GM from your clipboard.  >> Next/OK.

    6 - Fill in the registration information >> Next/OK.

    7 - Login to GoldMine on the undocked machine as the master user and create the user for the undocked machine and setup their email account to receive email (to receive their One Button Sync Profile).


    F - Send the new user a One button sync profile from the server via email. (Open GoldSync Admin. Center, right click on the new undocked profile >> "Email One button Sync profile".


    G - Login to GM on the undocked machine as the new user.

    1 - Open email center and retrieve the One Button Sync Profile.

    2 - Synchronize the undocked machine.