How to Generate Schema and Import into the Business Process Engine

Version 1


    When you make changes to a Definition Set that affect the Business Process Engine it is necessary to update the schema utilized.


    To update Business Process Schema do the following:

    Part 1 - Export the schema to the following location (typically on the c:drive or installation drive if other than c:)\

    1. Open Service Management Administrator.
    2. Select Common Tasks >> Generate Schema
        Export to C:\Program Files\FrontRange Solutions\Service Management\BPEngine\config\fusion.xsd
    3. Exit Service Management Administrator

    Part 2 - Import the schema

    1. Open the Business Process Designer
        Start >> All Programs >> Frontrange Solutions >> ITSM >> Business Process Designer
    2. File >> Import
    3. Select the File Name - fusion.xsd file (middle column 2nd entry) 
    4. Press the button ... and navigate to the C:\Program Files\FrontRange Solutions\Service Management\BPEngine\config\ folder
    5. Select the fusion.xsd file and open.
    6. Select Ok

    Part 3 - Import the quick actions and searches.

    1. Select Tools >> Search Center.
    2. Select the database and login
    3. Close the search Center. You will see a "reloading imports" progress bar
    4. Repeat the above 3 steps for the Quick Action Center.
    5. Exit the Business Process Designer.

    Part 4 -

    1. Restart the bp service.
    2. Perform an IIS Reset.
    3. Examine the Event Viewer to assure that there are no unexpected errors.