SQL Native Client Drivers and SQL Server Versions

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    SQL Native Client Drivers and SQL Server Versions


    When upgrading your SQL server to a new version, it will be necessary to take into consideration the version of the SQL Native Client installed on your agents workstations.  This may need to be upgraded depending on your SQL Server Version,a nd the current installed version on the Native Client Driver on the workstations.  Please take note, that the Native Driver is backwards compatible, but not forward compatible, with your SQL Server.

    Further information on SQL Native Driver Versions, and their compatibility with SQL Server versions, can be found on the Microsoft site, and will change as the technology advances.  As of the writing of this article, 8-20-2015, the current Native Driver version is "SQL Server Native Client 11.0", and is compatible with SQL 2014 and earlier.

    Please see the  following links from Microsoft for further information: