SQL query results are limited to 10000 records. How do I increase this limit?

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    SQL query results are limited to 10000 records. How do I increase this limit?

    the easiest way to see the default set limitation, is to have more than 10000 contact records in the Contact Set, but also more than 10000 History records would be suitable to verify the behavior

    1. Tools >> SQL Query
    2. Copy and paste a simple query which should give more than 10000 rows as a result

    for example
    Select * from CONTACT1 or Select * from CONTHIST

    3. Query
    >> RESULT:
    While there are more results in the database the SQL Query window will only display the first 10000 matching records

    Additional Note:
    This limitation is then also valid for 'follow-up' actions from the specific SQL Query, like 
    - it will affect and limit also the Output To feature (for example Excel)

    - it will affect the building of a group out of the SQL Query via the Group Building Wizard


    You can increase the number of results that can be returned when running a SQL query in GoldMine by doing the following:

    1. Log into GoldMine as a master user
    2. Tools>>Configure>>System Settings>>Display tab
    3. Increase the number for "Maximum number of records shown in SQL Query results:"  
    4. Click OK
    5. Test
    Alternatively, you can browse out to the main GM.INI file on the server (usually found in C:\ProgramData\GoldMine\), look under [Userver-Override:GoldMine]section and change the entry for SQLQueryLimit=10000 to a higher number.

    NOTE: Setting this number too high can cause increased load on the database server and the network (the database server will have to read your records from disk, and they will be sent over the network).