How to create a new CI type and Business Object

Version 2


    How to create a new CI type and Business Object


    1. Log into the Admin Role

    2. Select Configure Application

    3. Select Business Objects

    4. Under Create an Object on the right, click New Object

    5. Click Extension To Existing Business Object

    6. Select CI

    7. Change the Suffix Name to the name of your new CI Type

    8. Display Name should update automatically

    9. Save

    10. Select Object Fields to add any custom fields for the CI Type

    11. Select Forms to create the Forms to be used with the CI Type

    12. Select Grids to create the Grids to be used with the CI Type (follow normal processes for creating or modifying objects in the 3 preceding steps)

    13. When this setup is complete, return to the Object Details tab

    14. Set one of the Forms as the Default Form

    15. Save

    16. Select Business Objects

    17. Select CI

    18. Select Layouts

    19. Select CI

    20. Click Add New Form View

    21. Change the Form View Definition to the new CI Type and confirm

    22. Change the Display Name to the new CI Type (just the extension, without CI. in front)

    23. Select the Main Form

    24. Add any child Panels as required

    25. Save

    26. Return to the CI Layout Editor page

    27. Click GridView

    28. The new CI Type should be at the bottom of the list; select a default form

    29. Scroll down, and in the bottom two sections, select the layout for the new CI Type

    30. Save


    Now if you return to the client side and refresh, the new CI Type should be available in the New CI dropdown list, as well as the CI Type dropdown in the top center of the page. (Automatically Closed)