When retrieving Web Import E-mails in GoldMine Premium Edition, the e-mail disappears from the inbox once processed.

Version 1


    When retrieving Web Import emails in GoldMine Premium Edition, the email disappears from the inbox once processed. 

    In some cases users may want to add a custom result code to these emails, and cannot do this when the email does not remain in the inbox to be filed manually. 



    By default, GoldMine Premium Edition is configured to process and discard web-import email messages. 

    This setting can be changed so that the email message remains in the inbox after being processed.

    NOTE: This setting is user specific. 

    1. In GoldMine click on TOOLS>>OPTIONS.
    2. Click the EMAIL tab. 
    3. Click MORE OPTIONS.
    4. Click the ADVANCED tab.
    5. In the lower-right hand corner, un-check option for "Discard message after importing data" 
    6. Click OK to save changes.

    NOTE: Configuring GoldMine in this way means that these email messages from Web Import must be manually filed.