Can open pdf documents via the Windows desktop using Parallels (Windows on Mac) but pdf documents will not open through GoldMine or Windows Explorer..

Version 1


    A user cannot open .pdf documents from GoldMine but they open fine directly on the Windows desktop running via Parallels (Windows on Mac).


    The following information is only provided as is and GoldMine Technical Support never tested any Windows client/machine run on a Mac via Parallels.   1 - Downloaded and installed Adobe Reader on the Parallels Windows 7 OS. 2 - Changed file associations to read Adobe... (PC) from Adobe... (Mac). 3 - Verified that .pdf files now open with Adobe reader via the Parallels Windows 7 machine.   NOTE: A Windows 7 machine hosted on a Mac via Parallels is not a "full" Windows machine.  Parallels can make certain automatic file associations to the Guest Mac Operating System using SmartSelect.  To learn more about SmartSelect please see: