Hyperlinks to Online help (for example on predefined Dashboards Titles) are broken -  this also applies to any self created dashboards where links to the Online help are used.

Version 1


    Hyperlinks to Online help (for example on  predefined Dashboards Titles) are broken - this also applies to any self created dashboards where  links to the Online help are used.

    - This does not work anymore since  GoldMine 2014.2
    - It  seems that the 'internal markers as H_....' as described in  Administration Guide > Dashboards Management > Dashboard Part  Property detail > MD_Setting Dashboard Part Property are not  available anymore

    1. Go To > Dashboards
    2. Browse to any of the predefined Dashboards for example Activity Dashboard
    3. Click on the Title of the dashboard for example Activity Dashboard (this  was/should be a hyperlink with reference H_Dashboards to GoldMine User  Guide > Dashboards)
    4. Up to GoldMine 2014.1 this led to the  related Online help chapters > GoldMine User Guide >  Dashboards, since GoldMine 2014.2 this is broken

    GoldMine 9.x up to 2014.1

    GoldMine 2014.2 and higher


    - This is RM # 238626

    - As existing predefined Dashboards in GoldMine cannot be changed from the Dashboard interface, the user needs to browse manually or search for the specific chapter/topic in the opened GoldMine Online Help.
    - While the existing links and the Dashboards from the Predefined Dashboards cannot be changed, for user defined Dashboards the following workaround can be applied.


    1. GoldMine Help menu > GoldMine Help (make sure to open the Online help only from there)
    2. Browse to the specific chapter you want to provide for the users
    For example > User Guide > Dashboards > Predefined Dashboards > Management Dashboards
    3. On the opened and desired topic > Right click into the 'body' of the help page
    a. Either Properties and get the full reference from the Address:(URL) information

    Additional Note:
    Please note/copy ONLY the .htm reference any further entries like #gm90_..... after the .htm link cannot be used within GoldMine Dashboards

    The appropriate URL for the above example User Guide > Dashboards > Predefined Dashboards > Management Dashboards is then


    4. If all users have installed GoldMine on the identical location (e,g. all machines are 64-bit Windows Operating systems and have a default installation in C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/GoldMine no further changes are necessary for the link. If there are mixed environment or setups available the GoldMine administrator may need to consider to copy the whole OnlineHelp folder onto a share location and adjust the above path C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/GoldMine in order to provide a global access to the desired GoldMine help topic pages for example into the shared GoldMine folder and then reference the UNC path for example file://w12r2/GoldMine/OnlineHelp/content/user_guide/db_mgmt_dashboards.htm

    - While we do not recommend to use mapped drives the following paths would be also possible references when the Onlinehelp folder was copied to a shared and mapped drive location

    file://w12r2/gmdata/OnlineHelp/content/user_guide/db_mgmt_dashboards.htm as UNC path, or in case this path is mapped as drive X then Mapped Drive path file:///X:/OnlineHelp/content/user_guide/db_mgmt_dashboards.htm


    1. With master rights
    2. Go To > Dashboard
    3. Browse to the desired Dashboard >> here a copy of the original Activity Dashboard (GMTSO_Activity Dashboard)
    4. Button Design
    5. Select the previous Activity Dashboard entry with the not working reference
    (or alternatively create an own Link item on the Dashboard by drag and drop a Link item from the Palette onto the Dashboard >> for further information please refer to the GoldMine Online Help >> Help >> Administration Guide > Dashboards Management > Dashboard Part Property detail > MD_Setting Dashboard Part Property)
    6. In the Properties pane at the bottom right
    a. Expand the section Destination
    b. Open the drop down for the Primary entry > Select Web Resource
    c. Expand the section General 
    d. If applicable (not in this scenario but for own links) adjust the Text (this is the appearing text for the hyperlink)
    e. In Value paste now the appropriate gathered URL value (from steps to prepare) for example file://w12r2/GoldMine/OnlineHelp/content/user_guide/db_mgmt_dashboards.htm

    7. View Button
    8. Verify the hyperlink in the Dashboard (preferred also from different GoldMine Client machines)

    Additional Notes:
    - The upcoming web page is only a single web page and does not include initially the navigation frame, if this is desired or necessary the user can simply click on the hyperlink Open topic with navigation, please keep in mind this should not be the primary resource for the Online help as every GoldMine installation's Online Help is rather available via the Help > GoldMine Help menu
    - While minor changes of the Online help may be possible in hot fixes, it is not necessary to replace the Online help folder when upgrading within a major version like GoldMine 2015.2.0.159 to GoldMine 2015.2.0.208 but it is recommended
    a. That the GoldMine Administrator considers to copy the newest Online help folder to the shared location after major upgrades for example from GoldMine 2015.2.x to GoldMine 2016.1.x
    b. Whenever the Online help folder is replaced on the specific shared location it is recommended to verify the URL path if the desired help topic is still available