How to also close Active Tasks when an Incident is automatically closed by an escalation schedule

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    I currently have an escalation that runs and closes any incident at 90 days that is in a Waiting for Customer" status.  This works but not always.  It cannot close the incidents that still have active tasks, because of a validation on save business rule.  How can I handle this?  Is there a way that I can close any active tasks when an escalation condition is met, along with closing the incident?


    When this escalation schedule expires, it runs a composite quick action on the Incident (Notification/Auto Close "Waiting for Customer") that sets the Status to Resolved and sends a notification. You can add a 'Run for Child' Action to the beginning of the Composite Action, and set it to run on the relationship between Incident and Task, with a filter for Tasks in the Status of Active. Then have it run the existing 'Cancel Task' action on the Task object (or any action of your design or choosing) - this should Cancel the Active Tasks and then proceed with closing the Incident and sending the notification.