Cannot right click in GM+View and bring up the context menu.

Version 1


    All GoldMine users, including users with master rights are unable to right click in the GM+View tab and get the list of available GM+Views menu.  This may happen for example since moving GoldMine users to a new Active Directory Domain with stronger group policies.


    This is due to a Windows policy restriction on Internet explorer.

    1.  Open a CMD prompt as administrator

    2.  Enter gpedit, and press enter

    3.  Browse to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Browser Menus

    4.  Double-click Turn off Shortcut Menu
    5.  Select 'Disabled'

    6.  Click OK
    7.  Exit gpedit.

    Additional Note:
    - This Windows policy restriction has also impact on various areas within GoldMine Premium Edition for example
    a. GoldMine  Web (GMWEB) - No right click / context menu does not appear in Internet  Explorer while it appears in Google Chrome (Knowledge Article # 18610)
    b. Cannot right click Notes and bring up the context menu. (Knowledge Article # 18765)
    c. Cannot right click in the Email Read window and bring up the context menu. (Knowledge Article # 18771)