How to change the starting number for an object

Version 1



    Out of the box, Incidents and Service Requests are created starting at the same number. 
    This may cause confusion when end users quote the number but don't know whether it's for an Incident or Service Request. 

    You would like to change the intial value of the counter to make it easier to differentiate. 




    The Incident and Service Request numbers (and numbers for other objects) are stored as Counters. You can change the base value to a higher number and when the next record is created it will count from that number using the GetNextCounter() function. 

    - Log in to the tenant with the Administrator role
    - Go to Configure Application
    - In the left menu, under Build, select Counters 
    - Select the Counter you wish to change 
    - Edit the Base value and set a higher number, e.g. 1000000
    - Click Save 
    - Click Reset counter 
    - Read the warning then click Yes

    When creating the next record the Counter is incremented and the new number is used. i.e. if you set the base value to be 1000000 then the first record created after saving would be 1000001.