How do I determine or find the exact version of Microsoft SQL I am using?

Version 1


    Depending on your version of GoldMine, you can be using one of any number of versions of Microsoft SQL.  It can be important to know the exact version and service pack applied to insure the stability of both products.  


    Note: Our support center recommends that regardless of version, you always have the latest SQL service pack applied.

    On the SQL Server, launch the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, this will show you the main release version as shown in this screen shot.   It however does not tell you if you are current on SQL updates or service packs.



    To determine your current service packs, start by logging in to SQL.


    Click on the New Query button


    In the Query windows type in “Select @@version” and click the Execute button.

    You will now see a result such as:







    To determine if this is the latest version check this website: