How to remove the New Issue and New Service Request buttons from My Items in Self Service

Version 1


    In the My Items workspace in self Service, there are two buttons in the layout frame; New Issue and New Service Request. How can these buttons be removed?


    Here are the configuration steps:

    1. Log into the Admin role
    2. Select Configure Application
    3. Under Configure in the left toolbar, select Users and Permissions -> Roles and Permissions
    4. Click SelfService
    5. Select Top Level Tabs
    6. Click My Items
    7. At the bottom of this screen under Workspace Actions, click Edit
    8. Drag the buttons into the larger window in the center
    9. Save this window, and then the Role

    Also note that you can create new buttons to run other quick actions and place them on this screen, by clicking Create New in the Workspace Actions window.