How to grant “Delete” permissions of attachments on Incidents for Self Service users.

Version 5



    Once a Self Service user attaches a file, the Self Service user cannot delete the attachment.  Here are the settings to enable Self Service users to delete existing attachments.





    There are two areas that need to be checked and updated to allow Self-Service users to delete attachments that are uploaded and saved on an incident.  Role Permissions and Incident>Form settings need to be adjusted for this permission.  These steps can be adjusted for other business objects that allow attachments for Self Service Users.


    Role Permissions:

    Step 1. Log into HEATSM as Admin user.

    Step 2. Navigate to Configure Application>Configure>Users and Permissions>Roles and Permissions.

    Step 3. Locate the Self-Service role and right-click on the “SelfService” hyperlink to open role details.


    Step 4.  Select Self Service>Object Permissions.

    Step 5.  Scroll down to Attachments and check the box in the “Delete” column.




    If there is not a “Delete” button or red “ X” on the Attachment section for Incidents on Self-Service, then check these settings on the correct form on the Incident business object for Self Service users.

    Form Settings:

    Step 1. Navigate to Configure Application>Business Objects>Incident>Forms.

    Step 2.  Locate and select the "Incident.WebSelfService.Edit" form for editing purposes.



    Step 3.  Select  the “Attachments” form control to bring up the Control Properties for the "Attachment" control.

    Step 4. Under the “Allow Removing” property, set the value to “True”.


    This allows the needed UI element (Delete “X”) to appear on the “Incident.WebSelfService.Edit” form for Attachments.