Search box on form not returning all expected items

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    The Search box at the top right of a business objects grid
    performs a search on the fields that have the option "Full-text Indexed" checked in their field definition.

    Sometimes the search does not return all the items that is being searched for.  This article gives a possible solution for this issue.




    In a SQL Server database the Full Text searching is maintained in a Full Text Catalog.  The issue can be caused by the Full Text Catalog needing a rebuild to bring it into sync with the data in the tables. 

    To Rebuild the Full Text Indexing, in SQL Management Studio go to the Storage folder under the database and in the Full Text Catalog sub-folder right-click on "ftCatalog" and select Rebuild from the pop-up menu.  "ftCatalog" is the name of the Full Text Indexing Catalog used by the HEAT SM Application.