Exception of type 'Fusion.FusionException' was thrown. Insufficient resources to perform operations

Version 1


    Error is received when trying to save records within the ITSM application


    This is caused as the Microsoft Message Queues are full.
    Here are the steps to correct:
    1. Click on Start -> Run
    2. Type in: compmgmt.msc
    3. Click OK

    4. Expand Services and Applications

    5. Expand Message Queuing

    6. Expand: Private Queues

    7. Expand: bp_eventservicefusioneventsporttype

    8. Right click on Queue Message, select All Tasks and then select Purge

    This will clear up all messages that have been queued and not processed.  You can right click on any of the queued messages and select properties to see the date that they were created.  If the date is recent, then you may have a problem and should contact support to review before purging them.