Can't create Historical Metrics because of blank History From field

Version 1


    If you are trying to create a Historical Metrics in Analytic Metrics - In the Data Source Tab, the History From field is required but is blank and won't allow me to type anything in the box and the drop down doesn't do anything. What do I do? 




    You have to calculate the historical data by creating a new metric and selecting the Calculate Historical check-box in the Analytic Snapshot. 

    1. Log in as Admin
    2. Go to the Analytic Metrics workspace
    3. Click "Edit Mode" on the right hand side
    4. Click the drop-down arrow for Settings and select "Manage Metrics" 
    5. Click the drop-down arrow for New and select Create Metric. 
    6. Fill out all appropriate information in the General Tab (Category, Name)
    7. Then go to the Data Source Tab
    8. Select "Add Data Source" 
    9. Choose either Service Availability or Business Object Depending on your needs. 
    10. Then fill out the appropriate information
    11. Select the Analytic Snapshot tab and configure the following information. 
    12. Check the "Calculate Historical" checkbox
    13. Fill out the rest of the tabs according to what you need (who the chart displays to, mapping, etc.)
    14. Now. Click Save. 
    15. Now go back to the New Drop-down list. 
    16. Select Historical Metric
    17. Fill out the General tab information
    18. Go to Data Source - and here you will see the Metric you just created in the previous steps. 

    The links below will give you additional information on this set up.