Every time I want to close GoldMine I am getting a message 'Do you wish to stop ALL processes?'

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    Every time I want to close GoldMine I am getting a message 'Do you wish to stop ALL processes?'
    Why is this?
    How can I know what GoldMine process is still active?

    1. Working as usual within GoldMine
    2. Click File > Exit, or press the red [X] in the top right corner to close GoldMine

    I am always getting a message 'Do you wish to stop all processes?' Even with clicking on yes on the message box GoldMine will still not close and I will need to close GoldMine via the Windows Task Manager


    - There is still a process or a task of a process within GoldMine active which is not yet finished
    - Such processes can be for example an ongoing Outlook Sync, Automatic E-mail retrieval in the back ground which are often set to start automatically when opening GoldMine but also be related to a single instance action the user performed and which is not yet completed, For Example. export of data, scheduling recurring activities or a group still building.
    - When stopping the process(es) it depends on the actual task how fast the process(es) can be stopped, especially when a task of the process is still active. GoldMine will stop the processes (if several processes are active one by one) and then close GoldMine automatically.  This may take several minutes due to the amount of active tasks and actions the processes are performing at that moment.

    It is necessary to identify the still active process within GoldMine and then to take proper action

    1. Open the GoldMine Process Monitor via Tools > Process Monitor
    2. Review which and how many processes are still active
    - At the top pane of the GoldMine Process Monitor the active process(es) can be identified

    - At the bottom pane of the GoldMine Process Monitor the active tasks of the process(es) can be identified
    if a task has ended it's work, the GoldMine Process monitor bottom pane will provide information that the process has ended.

    3. Determine if any processes can be run manually.

    - It is absolutely not recommended to kill the GoldMine application via the Windows Task Manager!!
    - The user should really wait until GoldMine will stop each task and process until no processes are active anymore, which may take up to several minutes but will prevent any data corruption opposite to a sudden stop of the application when ending GoldMine via the Windows Task Manager.
    - A process can be stopped also manually by right clicking on the GoldMine Process Monitor  process and selecting either Stop (currently highlighted Process) or Stop All Processes.
    - When stopping (either confirming the above pop-up message or manually in the GoldMine Process Monitor) an active process, where data maybe affected the user needs to be aware that the task has not yet finished and data may not be complete or as desired.