How to disable some of the notifications on escalation notifications

Version 1


    Agents are complaining that they are receiving too many notifications in regards to escalation level breaches.

    The customer would like to reduce these notifications by stopping the notifications on some of the escalation schedules.



    Given that the progress bars in items like the 'Resolution Details' tab rely on the data from different levels of breaches (ResolutionEscWatch), the best route is to alter the notifications being sent out instead of disabling the breach levels.

    This can be done a few different ways. The simplest way is to go into each escalation schedule and change the OnBreach notification to 'None' for any desired levels.:

    1. Log into the Admin UI under the Administrator role
    2. Go to Build > Automation Tools >  Escalation Schedules
    3. Select the Escalation Schedule type (ie. Incident-Resolution) you wish to modify
    4. For each individual schedule you wish to modify select 'Set Thresholds' and remove any notification actions for the level you no longer wish to send out notifications

    You can also examine the Quickaction that is running on the breach and alter the quick action by changing who receives the notification or changing it completely.