SelfServiceMobile: How do we change the branding logo on the Self Service Mobile Web UI?

Version 2


    If we attempt to change the logo for the Self Service Mobile UI role in the Configure Application >> Roles and Permissions pages, it does not take affect.  How can we change this branding logo in the Mobile Web UI?

    Resolution (versions 2016.1.1 and older)

    This logo can be updated but the place to do it is within the Mobile Admin UI.  These steps will allow you to change the branding on the Mobile UI:

    -Log in to a user with both Admin and SelfService Mobile roles
    -Switch to Self Service Mobile role
    -Click the menu and switch to the Admin role (staying in the Mobile Web UI)
    -Click the Wrench button
    -Click the Setting menu
    -The logo options are under the Branding settings that are now exposed

    Resolution (versions 2016.2.1 and newer)

    -Log in to a user with both Admin

    -Go to Configure Application

    -Go to User Interface Styles > Style Editor

    -Select the SelfServiceMobile Role

    -Upload a logo in the Header section