Is there a way, or what is the common and recommended way, to carry over the USERS table (or some entries of it) from one GoldMine installation to another?

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    Is there a way, or what is the common and recommended way, to carry over the USERS table (or some entries of it) from one GoldMine installation to another?


    - There is no supported way to carry over  USERS from one GoldMine installation to another unless the other  GoldMine installation is an Undocked User installation of the Host  License
    >> Only in this case the USERS can be synchronized from the Host/Server system to the Undocked via GoldSync. For further information please refer also to the related Knowledge Article # 18177 - How to synchronize users from the server to an undocked user - the generic Sync Site seems not to have that option?

    - The feature - Synchronization of Users - is only  and specifically  for undocked user's syncs and not intended for Sites or synchronization  with Other Licenses. Also when creating manual transfer sets or  synchronizing via Synchronization Wizard Users will not be synchronized.

    - Any back end modification may result in missing GMTLog entries and cause improper future synchronization of changes/deletion of such USERS.

    - We  absolutely recommend to create manually the users as this will ensure  to have a proper (especially related data) records in the GoldMine database.
    >> In order to create users  faster and more efficient it is also recommended to create a user with the appropriate  settings, for example User Group Membership, Access Tab and Menu tab restrictions and then clone further users from this initial user as  via this way the cloned user will take over also most settings from the  original user.
    >> In these cases only certain settings on the cloned User's Profile and Outlook Tab need to be  set/adjusted while the the (Group) Membership, Access and Menu  tabs only need to be verified.

    1. Log into GoldMine with master rights
    2. Tools >> Users' Settings
    3. Via Button New or highlighting an existing user who will serve as 'template' >> Properties
    4. Verify all available tabs and Settings and if applicable adjust/verify
    a. Tab Profile - where the user's details and initial settings are set like how to contact the user on internal communication, forced logout times, ownership when the user is creating new contact records and password validity
    b. Tab Membership - where users can be included/excluded from User Groups
    c. Tab Access -  where access rights can be determined
    d. Tab Menu - where menu restrictions can be determined
    e. Tab Outlook - where the Outlook Sync can be enabled/disabled for the user 
    5. Once this current user (who will server as a template user) is configured completely >> OK
    6. Right Click on this specific user >> Clone
    7. A new Properties:New User window appears
    8. Enter the desired information into the Profile tab
    a. Username
    b. Full Name
    c. Password
    d. Please keep in mind that the E-mail address is also taken over from the template user and should be definitely adjusted/verified
    e. Other settings like Password Validity, Ownership, Forced Logout, E-mail Options need only to be verified as they will be taken over from the original user
    9. Verify the Tabs
    a. Membership
    b. Access
    c. Menu
    >> RESULT: All settings from the original user (the one who served as a template) are taken over
    10. Make sure also to configure the Tab Outlook for the new user as this setting will not be taken over
    - How to clone a user is also described in the Online help  via Help >> GoldMine Help >> Administration Guide > User  Administration > Managing User Security and Access > Clone User  Settings