How to set the Customer link field to read-only after the Incident is submitted

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    We have a requirement to make the ProfileLink in Incident non-editable once the record has been submitted. Is there a way to make the Customer link field read-only once the Incident has been saved?


    By default, the Incident object has a boolean field called IsNewRecord that can be used to trigger this logic; it is True when the record is created, and set to False as soon as it is saved. To accomplish the requirement, the following configuration can be used:

    1. Log into the Admin UI
    2. Select Configure Application
    3. Select Business Object
    4. Select Incident
    5. Select Business Rules
    6. Expand the Read-Only Rules
    7. Select Add Read-Only Rule
    8. Set the Field to ProfileLink (customer)
    9. Select 'This field is conditionally read only based on an expression'
    10. For the expression, use: $(!IsNewRecord)
    11. Save