How to export Emails from GoldMine to *.XML file?

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    How to export Emails from GoldMine to *.XML file?


    1. File > Import and Export > Export GoldMine Data to an XML file...

    2. In the wizard, choose Export to a new XML file > NEXT

    3. Choose Contacts (for messages to and from contacts)  > NEXT

    4. Choose Either All Contact Records, or a Filter/Group if you have one setup  > NEXT

    5. Under Contacts, choose all the items to export - MESSAGES are for Emails  > NEXT

    6. Choose GoldMine E-mails and Internet E-mails

    7. Set the Date range if you want to narrow down when emails are from. If you want all, don't check the Date Range box (to start from the beginning of time, choose 1/1/1980 to today's date)  > NEXT

    8. Choose Include file paths of external files in the destination export file > NEXT

    9. Enter a path for the *.XML file to be saved to > NEXT

    10. Choose either No or Yes to save the profile settings. If you say yes, enter a profile name. > NEXT

    11. FINISH